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Exposure to sunshine helps our bodies naturally produce Vitamin D. Supplementing your Vitamin D intake while staying out of the rays? It’s no sweat with Primal Sun.
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Why Use Primal Sun (Vitamin D)?

What's Inside Primal Sun (Vitamin D)

Why Use This

Your body produces Vitamin D naturally when ultraviolet rays from sunlight strike the skin. It’s great to get outdoors as much as possible. However, many people don’t spend a lot of time out in the sun, or they live in climates where direct sunlight is hard to come by for parts of the year.

You can obtain some Vitamin D from your diet, but only a limited number of foods naturally contain vitamin D. These include wild salmon, mackerel, herring, catfish, and cod liver oil. Liver and eggs contain small amounts of Vitamin D as well, and some products are fortified with Vitamin D.

Supplementing with Primal Sun can help boost your Vitamin D intake. 

Supplement Facts Primal Sun (Vitamin D)

Suggested Use

For adults, take one (1) capsule daily, preferably with a meal.

Key Attributes

  • 25 mcg (1000 IU) Vitamin D2
  • 25 mcg (1000 IU) Vitamin D3
  • 25 mcg (1000 IU) Vitamin D3

Key Benefits

  • 125% Daily Value each Vitamin D2 and D3
  • Easy-to-Swallow Capsule

Culinary Inspiration

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Frequently Asked Questions

What guarantee do you offer?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any of our products or have a less than satisfactory experience, please contact our customer service specialists within 30 days of the receipt of your order.

How much vitamin D do I need per day?

Since 2010, the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D has fallen between 400 and 800 IU per day, but new research suggests adults may actually need at least 2,000 IU of vitamin D every day, and the best source of vitamin D is from the sun! It is estimated that the human body is able to produce 10,000 IU to 20,000 IU of vitamin D3 from as little as 30 minutes of sun exposure. However, the majority of adults do not get even 30 minutes of regular sun exposure. Subsequently, vitamin D deficiencies are rising among all age groups in the U.S. Vitamin D food sources, such as salmon, egg yolk and raw milk, only provide around 200 IU to 400 IU of vitamin D, which is why most adults would benefit from vitamin D supplementation.

Is it possible to take too much vitamin D?

Taking too much vitamin D is called vitamin D toxicity, but such a scenario is highly unlikely. You’d have to take 40,000 IU per day for a couple of months or longer to be in danger of developing vitamin D toxicity.

Is it better to get sun than to take supplements?

Take stock of your living situation. If the sun is pretty much a constant where you live, then opt for some actual rays whenever possible. It’s free, it’s safe, it’s easy and it’s enjoyable! For those of you who work in an office or live in a colder climate, supplementation is an easy and effective way to ensure adequate vitamin D levels.

Can I get vitamin D through food?

Certain foods are touted as vitamin D powerhouses: wild salmon, mackerel, herring, catfish, cod liver oil and eggs. Each of these foods is an excellent primal approach to eating, but won’t significantly enhance vitamin D levels. If your vitamin D levels fall within the danger zone (less than 40 ng/ml), then supplementation is strongly advised.

How long does vitamin D stay in the body?

It’s believed that when taken orally vitamin D has a half-life of one month. Because excess vitamin D is stored in fat, some vitamin D can remain in the body for an extended period of time to be used during months when access to the sun is limited, such as the winter season.

How long is the shelf life for this product?

It maintains optimum potency for up to 18 months.

How do you manufacture vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is manufactured by irradiation of 7-dehydrocholesterol from lanolin (from sheep's wool) and the chemical conversion of cholesterol. We have found that while D3 seems to be preferred by most, some people just can't absorb it well, so we offer both forms in Primal Sun.

Information is subject to change and packaging may not be an exact match to labels and packaging in the marketplace.

We are passionate and dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality products available. However, there is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary from person to person. Try Primal Sun (Vitamin D) today, and if you are not completely satisfied or have a less than satisfactory experience, please contact our customer service specialists within 30 days of the receipt of your order.

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