Quick & Tasty Recipes with Ranch Dressing

June 13, 2023

If you thought ranch dressing was a little packet of salt, herbs and spices, and mystery ingredients that you mix with a dairy product, prepare to have your mind blown—or, at least, your perception changed. Our creamy, no-dairy Ranch Dressing made with avocado oil delivers that bold, classic, indescribably unique ranch flavor everyone craves without all of the nonsense you’ll find in other ranch products. 

The uses for ranch go way beyond salads and dips. Recipes with ranch dressing remain perennially popular for dinner and lunch because they’re reliably easy, adored by all, and can spice up everyday produce and proteins. At the end of a long day when decision fatigue sets in, grab a bottle of Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing & Marinade plus any vegetables and meats you have in the refrigerator and bask in the knowledge that your dish will have a creamy, classic flavor that kids and adults can appreciate. 

Cooking with Ranch: Six Simple Recipes

Can you cook with ranch dressing? You bet! Add creaminess to vegetables, keep meats moist and juicy, or infuse extra flavor into breakfast, lunch, and dinner classics with a scoop or drizzle of ranch dressing. 

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of simple, satisfying recipes using ranch dressing for every meal. For tangy ranch flavor with a cayenne kick, swap the classic ranch dressing for our feisty Buffalo Ranch or go fully vegan with our mouthwatering Plant-Based Ranch.

Ranch Fried Chicken

Ranch Fried Chicken

Notoriously tasty, this finger-licking good fried chicken recipe takes an everyday meat into the flavor stratosphere with the addition of our delicious Ranch Dressing. Pan-fried in avocado oil, it’s our go-to recipe when we’re craving elevated comfort food. Trust us, the kids (and the whole family) will eat this dish up!

Sweet Potato Nests

Sweet Potato Nests

A bread-free twist on “Egg in a Hole” or “Eggy in a Basket,” shredded sweet potatoes are transformed into a sturdy base for a perfectly cooked egg with a gloriously oozing center. Ranch Dressing is mixed in to add extra flavor and a creamier texture to this breakfast classic. Serve with uncured bacon or tomato slices for a hearty wake-up meal!

BLT Wedge Salad

BLT Wedge Salad

This quick and easy salad is proof that the classics never go out of style. The B, L, and T are all still intact in this version of a wedge salad, but we subbed our creamy no-dairy Ranch in for the sometimes hated, always polarizing blue cheese. Perfect for meal prep or a relaxed lunch at home. 

Ranch Cauliflower Mash

Ranch Cauliflower Mash

The perfect stand-in for potatoes, steamed cauliflower is transformed into a creamy comfort food classic with ranch dressing, butter, and a sprinkle of herbs. We prepped ours in an Instant Pot, but you can also cook your veggies in a steamer basket or use a pre-packaged microwave version in a pinch.

Ranch Chicken Tenders

Air Fryer Ranch Chicken Tenders 

If you can’t get behind the idea of frying in oil, these easy-breezy chicken tenders offer a similar crispy crunch with a lighter bite. Coated in pork rinds and flavored with Plant-Based Ranch, these kid-friendly tenders beg to be dipped and dunked in our Classic BBQ Sauce, A Tad Sweet Ketchup, or more mouthwatering ranch.

Instant Pot Chicken

Instant Pot Chicken with Ranch

Like a collared shirt or the classic little black dress, shredded chicken matches with just about anything. Inspire myriad easy dinner recipes and leftover chicken lunch recipes by using this versatile shredded chicken recipe on pizzas, sandwiches or wraps, on salads, in tacos, stirred into soups or stews, or as filling for baked potatoes.



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