How to Freeze Herbs

October 11, 2022

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Herbs are the most versatile culinary workhorses in the garden. Besides adding flavor to meals from pasta primavera to Thai curry, fresh herbs can be used as a garnish, made into spice blends, or even tucked into smoothies. If you have a giant crop of basil or your thyme is creeping into the “too much” category, it can be tough to avoid wasting these delicious plants. So, can you freeze fresh herbs for later? Absolutely. 

With just an old-fashioned ice cube tray and one simple pantry staple, you can turn almost any fresh herb into a delicious flavor cube ready to be used later. The key to preserving all that spicy, herbaceous flavor is our quality-tested Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which solidifies into buttery yellow ice cubes that last up to a year inside an airtight container in the freezer (or about nine months if you’re adding herbs).

Mix and match your herbs together to make spice blends, or substitute Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil—which has a higher smoke point—if you plan to cook your cubes at higher temperatures. You can also create a fun, interactive dinner for the kids by using fun shaped ice cube molds, like stars or dinosaurs. Not only do Olive Oil Herb Cubes stop fresh herbs like basil from discoloring in the cold, they avoid unnecessary food waste and provide delicious flavor for your future meals.     


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