What Makes Primal Probiotics So Unique Among All Probiotics?

March 26, 2024

Good gastrointestinal function is the indispensable foundation upon which Primal fitness and longevity are built. If this infrastructure is missing key components, your athletic performance, immune system, clear thinking and energy levels may falter or even fail. When your gut lacks the beneficial microbes it needs to sustain health, fatigue, joint aches, weight gain and digestive ailments settle in.

But, when your gut flora are all present and primed, they work synergistically to produce vitamins, fat-burning antioxidants, essential fats, acids, bioavailable minerals and metabolites that eradicate pathogens. You can then perform at your best and tap into a flow of unreleased energy and nutrients … the same wellspring of youthful energy and health that our primal ancestors enjoyed.

Unfortunately, your gut is under siege every day. It must contend with stress, irregular circadian rhythms, gluten­-based diets, sedentary indoor lifestyles, chemically processed and artificially preserved foods, hyper­hygiene and antibiotics, which wipe out all the beneficial microbes in your gut! The good news is that you can help remedy any instabilities in your gut’s microbiome by feeding it the probiotics it craves.*

About three billion years ago our planet came alight with microbial life. Plant and animal life co­evolved with these ancient microbial partners. Our primal ancestors intimately interacted with diverse environmental and soil inhabitants that silently imbued the plants they ate, the water they drank, the ground they walked on and the air they breathed. These microbial probiotics got nice and cozy in the guts of primitive humans, and set to work shaping human biology.

We depend on these beneficial bacteria to this day. They produce nutrients, vitamins, chemical signals, neurotransmitters and fat-burning hormones. They protect our immune systems and fortify against allergies and inflammation-related disease. And while our dependency on these probiotics hasn’t changed, our access to them has. Modern soil is strained by toxins, pesticides, pollutants, parasites and heavy metals, and exhibits suboptimal diversity. While fermented foods—like yogurt or sauerkraut—help reload your gut with lost ancient flora, getting your probiotics through diet alone is likely to leave a dearth. The spectrum of microbes is limited, and fermented foods aren’t the most prominent in our diets. And a gut that’s starving for probiotics, leads to a body rife with chronic disease.

Without a bellyful of beneficial bacteria, l ike Bacilli, Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus, the gut loses its integrity and becomes “porous” and thus penetrable. Undigested food, bacteria, yeasts and microbial toxins seep through the gut and enter the bloodstream. Modern chemicals, medicines, antibiotics, stress, infections, high sugar and refined starch diets, excess endurance exercise or lack of sleep may further degrade your gut’s dynamic collection of microbes. Intestinal permeability and imbalance of the gut (known as dysbiosis) are well established causes of inflammation, heart disease, cancer, joint aches, digestive problems, heartburn, fatigue, food intolerances, allergies, autism, celiac disease and autoimmune disease.


Primal Probiotics is made up of probiotic strains that help to restore the gut flora that is lost in the flurry of modern living*. Nourishing our healthy intestinal bacteria with probiotics helps our bodies:

  • break down food
  • assimilate nutrients
  • purge opportunistic pathogens
  • boost fat-burning antioxidants
  • fortify the body systems and functions that reward us with optimal health*

By promoting sustainable and prolific amounts of beneficial intestinal flora, Primal Probiotics creates a powerful barrier against modern disease*. This synergistic combination not only restores what is missing but also reinforces:

  • secretion of targeted antimicrobial compounds that crowd out harmful yeasts and pathogenic flora
  • reversal of intestinal permeability
  • strengthening of immunity*


Because Primal Probiotics is made up of several "spore-forming" versions that are designed to survive the harsh environment of the stomach and remain viable in the lower intestines, we only offer a billion or two of each strain (10 billion total) per capsule, making this product 10 to 20 times as potent as regular store-bought probiotics! They mimic the healthy bacteria that we would find in the soil if we were eating dirt with every bite*, just like our primal ancestors did. And we sealed these microorganisms in specially designed capsules that don't dissolve in the acidic stomach environment.

The first four strains in Primal Probiotics are from the order Bacilli. Abundantly living in the environment, water, air and soil, they are also fixtures in the guts of insects, invertebrates, birds, aquatic life, animals and humans. In artisanally crafted foods and beverages that are prepared by long fermentation, these Bacilli strains play key roles in halting spoilage and inhibiting pathogens such as opportunistic molds, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Shigella and Yersinia. When taken as part of a probiotic supplement, they aid our guts in the very same way.*

Bacillus coagulans produces lactic acid, which helps boost immunity and cultivate butyrate-­producing flora in the colon. Butyrate protects and optimizes colon health, helps heal leaky gut, calms chronic inflammation and even helps lower blood sugar levels. Bacillus coagulans has been shown to improve symptoms related to a variety of conditions: acute rotavirus diarrhea, antibiotic­-associated dysbiosis, IBS­-diarrhea dominant, intestinal pain/gas, high cholesterol, canker sores, dental caries, vaginitis, and pain and disability related to rheumatoid arthritis.

Bacillus subtilis is shown to be extremely efficacious for GI infections, decreasing upper respiratory infections and preventing dysbiosis and diarrhea during antibiotic therapy. This strain aids digestion by helping to break down and assimilate fats, proteins and starches in our food. Bacillus subtilis also releases enzymes that help aid hydrolysis of allergenic proteins like gluten, lactose, cellulose, mycotoxins, antinutrients, phenols and tannins, as well as enzymes that break down harmful bacteria, molds, yeasts and aflatoxins.

Bacillus clausii is used in Italy and Europe extensively for acute diarrhea, dysbiosis, prevention of antibiotic­-related diarrhea, allergic rhinitis and irritable bowel syndrome. It’s a protective bacterial strain with the power to boost our innate immune defenses. Bacillus clausii has been used successfully to reduce diarrhea and protect native gut flora in infants and children, and also appears to take action against pathogens that frequently are associated with inflammation, obesity and digestive problems, such as Staphylococcus and Clostridium difficile. A recent study showed that Bacillus clausii triggered significant reversal of small intestinal bowel overgrowth (SIBO). Another study showed that Bacillus clausii shortened recurrent respiratory infections in children, and provided lasting protection for up to three months after discontinuation.

Lactobacillus plantarum is one of the most consumed probiotics since humans started fermenting beverages and foods hundreds of thousands of years ago. It’s also one of the commensal species regularly isolated from healthy human mucosa; however, in modern guts it’s commonly missing. Lactobacillus plantarum has been found to reduce abdominal pain and digestive distress by eliminating harmful gas­-producing microbes from the gut. Lactobacillus plantarum magnifies mucus secretion, thereby protecting the gut, and actively expels pathogens like E. coli, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Enterobacter and Pseudomonas that are associated with inflammation, obesity, wounds, heartburn, digestive problems and other conditions.

Lactobacillus plantarum may also support our digestion by helping to break down gluten and lactose, as well as by making vital nutrients, antioxidants and folates. Along with Bifidobacteria (see below), lactobacilli convert dietary lipids into fat-burning antioxidants known as conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) that help to lower body fat and increase lean mass. According to the clinical studies conducted thus far, no other probiotic shields immunity or reduces the duration and incidence of viral infections, respiratory tract infections, colds/flu, urinary bladder infections, Helicobacter pylori overgrowths, Candida infections and vaginosis as effectively as L. plantarum.

Bifidobacteria bifidus (also referred to as B. bifidum) is a one of our most specialized human gut residents. It acts like your gut’s bouncer, keeping out all unsavory and sly characters! As one of the principally studied probiotics in the last decade, Bifidobacteria bifidus has been found to protect against dysbiosis, acute diarrhea and antibiotic-induced diarrhea in babies, children and adults. Combined with lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria bifidus has been associated with replenishment of normal flora after potent antibiotics, decreases in winter infections in children and improvements of HDL cholesterol and blood sugars. In new microbiota research, high levels of Lactobacillus plantarum and total Bifidobacteria were directly correlated with leanness and insulin sensitivity. Unfortunately, Bifidobacteria bifidus is often one of the first casualties after just a single round of antibiotics, which is why probiotic supplementation is so important.

Saccharomyces boulardii has been France’s probiotic strain of choice against diarrhea since the 1950s, and it has a long history of use in folk medicine for healing all digestive ailments, including infectious diarrhea. Saccharomyces boulardii can survive extreme conditions and provides potent defense against a wide range of harmful gut threats and their toxins: pathogenic Candida, Entamoeba histolytica, Giardia lamblia, Vibrio cholera, enterotoxic E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridium difficile and other bacteria. Used successfully in maintaining native gut flora during antibiotic treatment, S. boulardii may often be recommended by physicians and pharmacists to be taken with antibiotics to prevent dysbiosis and recurrences or colonization of Clostridium difficile. Saccharomyces boulardii has also been shown to treat gastroenteritis in children and adults, extend remission of Crohn’s disease and improve irritable bowel syndrome.


*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary from person to person. However, we feel so strongly about our products that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Try our products today, and if you're not completely satisfied with the results, return your purchase for a full refund minus shipping and handling—no questions asked.


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