Summer Side Dishes: 3 Delicious BBQ Sides

May 15, 2023

Meat tends to get all the glory at a barbecue, but that doesn't mean you have to serve up boring summer side dishes. Homestyle sides can be the stars of the show at your next potluck or picnic. Plus, they help provide more options for any vegetarians who might be at your party (don't forget to omit any meat ingredients if this is a concern). From tangy baked beans and crisp coleslaw to perfectly charred corn slathered with mayo and dusted with cheese, we cleaned up three classic BBQ sides so they're now worthy of more space on your plate.

Need help prepping these recipes? Scroll down for our easy video tutorial. 

A side serving of Mexican Street Corn on a white plate with a lime wedge

Mexican Street Corn (Esquites) 

Celebrate the last hurrah of the season with this classic seasonal dish. While not as familiar to most as elote, esquites are basically the off-the-cob version of Mexican Street Corn. Our version incorporates creamy, velvety Primal Kitchen Mayo with Avocado Oil for a cleaned-up take on a classic Mexican dish.

Traditionally sold by street vendors in a cup with toppings to mix in, you can either opt to serve them individually in mini reusable cups or mix everything up into salad form and serve it in a large bowl. If you're looking for a meaty mate for your corn salad, this recipe pairs perfectly with chicken fajitas or grilled fish tacos.

Coleslaw side in a small side dish in front of a jar of Primal Kitchen MayoEasy Keto Coleslaw

Coleslaw is usually the first thing to go at a barbecue when you're looking to cut back on processed junk. But when you use Primal Kitchen Mayo with high-quality ingredients like avocado oil and Certified Humane® cage-free organic eggs, you can confidently put coleslaw back on your plate.

Our coleslaw is as crisp and creamy as the version you remember from childhood picnics in the park, but even more flavorful and delicious. Pair this cleaned-up classic dish with pulled pork, hot dogs, or even a BLT sandwich made with our Whip Dressing & Spread.  

A side of baked beans in a small cast iron dishHomestyle BBQ Baked Beans 

Get ready to tuck your napkin-slash-bib into your shirt and savor this easy, potluck-friendly, cast iron baked beans recipe. Made with our rich and tangy Classic BBQ Sauce, it's a mouthwatering dish that rides the line between savory, smoky, and slightly sweet.  

Prepare it as-is for a meaty mouthful that parents and kids will love, or make it sans bacon if someone in your crew doesn't eat pork. Try it with ribs or hot dogs for a pair made in summer cookout heaven.

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