Korean BBQ Short Rib Sandwich

June 27, 2023

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Once an overlooked cut of beef, short ribs have gained popularity with high-end chefs in recent years. They’re juicy, thick, and contain beautifully marbled fat that makes for a well-rounded primal meal. As the name implies, short ribs contain small sections of rib bone, but you can typically purchase pre-cut boneless versions from your local butcher or grocery. 

Marinated in our savory, tangy, spicy-sweet Korean Style BBQ Sauce, these tasty boneless ribs are slow-cooked for bold flavor and that meltingly delicious, fall-apart texture that makes this sandwich so rib-tickling good. Our sauce marries the unmistakably bold taste of your fave Korean BBQ restaurant sauce with high-quality, intentional ingredients: no soy, gluten, artificial sweeteners, or corn syrup. Slathered with more delectable sauce and tucked inside a grain-free bun, this short rib sandwich is bound to please.


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