Bacon Pancakes

October 03, 2023

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The best mashups we’ve seen go viral involve two foods that are already delicious on their own but even better together. From cronuts and brookies to chaffles and savory, salty, cheesy “totchos” made with tater tots and traditional nacho toppings, these delicious food babies nearly broke the internet every time one was born. 

In the wake of the maple-bacon donut craze comes bacon pancakes: deliciously salty, savory, crisp bacon slices griddled directly into pancake batter. Thankfully, “bacocakes” or “pancakon” haven’t really caught on as kitschy mashup monikers for this beautiful breakfast pairing, but even without a nickname that sounds like a celeb super-couple, they’re skyrocketing in popularity. 

At Primal Kitchen, we’re all about keeping things simple, so our easy bacon pancakes recipe is made with just four basic ingredients: eggs, banana, bacon, and our Collagen Peptides. If you like the scales tipped toward bolder flavor, substitute your favorite Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel®, like Vanilla Coconut or Peanut Butter Flavor, or serve your bacon pancakes with real maple syrup.   


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