Food Storage Tips

February 23, 2022

Wondering how to store food so it lasts longer? Don’t toss your tasty farmer’s market finds in the trash before you get a chance to enjoy them! Here are our top tips for storing fruit and vegetables in the fridge, and how to safely freeze your fresh produce so you can enjoy more and waste less.

How to Store Produce

Pick A Winner.

Choose produce that’s at its peak: that means no bruises, brown spots, or wilting leaves. Remove any damaged before storing–microbes can speed up deterioration.

Separate Fruit & Veg.

Fruits produce ethylene, which generally makes vegetables spoil faster. Keep your fruits and vegetables stored separately to prolong freshness.

Watch the Temp.

Store broccoli, lettuce, and mushrooms in a fridge (around 35 degrees fahrenheit), and keep avocados, eggplants, onions, and other root veggies at room temperature.

Find the Right Climate.

Wash and store veggies in plastic bags and containers that retain moisture, but keep your fruits dry until just before eating.

Keep it Crispy.

Most veggies thrive in the crisper drawer of the fridge from the extra-cold air and moisture-locking drawers. Hack: crispers work best when they’re two-thirds full.

Give Greens a Boost.

Leafy greens last longer when they’re washed, wrapped in paper towels, and stored in an airtight container. Replace the paper towels every other day.

How to Safely Freeze Food


Stock up on high-quality storage options like airtight freezer bags and wraps. Consider investing in a deep freezer to properly store off-season produce.

Prep Your Produce:

Go for the freshest possible produce, wash, clean, and remove any brown or wilted pieces.

Be Sure to Blanch:

A quick shot in boiling water or steam then a dunk in ice water will stop enzymes from causing your vegtables to decompose while frozen. Different produce require different blanching timing, so do a quick online search.

Keep the Color:

Prevent discoloration by storing certain items, like fruit, with ascorbic acid powder (AKA, vitamin C).

Package Well & Freeze Fast:

Drain and dry, then package tightly. Spread your new items across open areas so they freeze evenly, faster, and without freezer burn.


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