Collagen Fuel & Mobility with Nourish Move Love

December 11, 2018

Learn about mobility and the role that collagen protein can play in recovery from Lindsay Bomgren, fitness blogger and the creator of @NourishMoveLove.

In her newest blog post, 8 Mobility Exercises for Muscle Recovery, Lindsay speaks in depth about why she adds Primal Kitchen® Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel to her morning coffee and winter brews. Made with coconut milk, konjac root, vanilla extract, and pure bovine collagen peptides, this delicious drink mix is designed to support skin, hair and nails.


More on Mobility 

Lindsay breaks down training into three categories: breaking down and building muscle, supporting muscle repair and growth with nutrition, and incorporating mobility to support muscle recovery and injury prevention. 

Learn more about Lindsay's strength training workouts, favorite mobility exercises, and top Primal Kitchen finds here. Plus, get 10% OFF all your Primal Kitchen purchases when you use Lindsay's promo code, NML

About Lindsay Bomgren 

Lindsay Bomgren is the fitness-loving blogger and content creator behind Nourish Move Love. Sharing her favorite at-home workouts and healthy recipes, along with glimpses into her personal life and motherhood, Lindsay has developed a community of health-conscious followers and exercise aficionados. Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lindsay delves into all things food, nutrition, exercise, faith, and mindset training. To learn more about Lindsay and her incredible work, check out her recipes and free workout videos at Nourish Move Love!




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