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Asparagus Dip

March 26, 2021

Asparagus dip in a beige bowl on a white plate with carrot sticks, cauliflower florets, celery sticks, and cherry tomatoes.

Fresh, tangy, and a culinary encapsulation of everything tender and hopeful about spring, asparagus dip with mayo provides a plant-based, no dairy way to add seasonal flavor to snacks, appetizer boards, or Netflix-and-chill nights.

After a quick roast in the oven, take the still-emerald asparagus off the heat and blitz with mild green onion, sharp garlic, tangy and tart balsamic vinegar, creamy and herb-studded pesto mayo, and plenty of buttery avocado oil to make a memorable springtime dip.

Cooking the asparagus before blending it tames the raw grassiness and leaves a more mellow flavor. Combine just-cooked asparagus with raw, fresh green onion and garlic and you don’t get much closer to a plant-based dip that tastes like an early spring garden.

FAQs About Asparagus Dip

Is this asparagus dip recipe vegan?

The asparagus dip recipe is plant-based and vegetarian-friendly if eggs are part of the person’s diet. If you’d like to make this asparagus dip vegan, swap out the Pesto Mayo for one of Primal Kitchen’s vegan mayos. The Rosemary Garlic Vegan Mayo would accentuate the garlic used in the recipe and add piney note to the dip.

Can you make this asparagus dip with canned asparagus?

To highlight the garden-fresh flavors of early spring, we recommend using fresh asparagus in this dip. You could substitute frozen asparagus when it’s not in season since produce is flash frozen at its peak, but canned asparagus lacks the vibrant green color and fresh flavor.

Can you use this recipe to make variations of asparagus dip?

Sure! Let your culinary imagination run wild. Popular variations could include chicken and asparagus dip, and spinach asparagus dip.

You could combine chopped leftover, cooked chicken with the asparagus dip recipe in this post to make a chunky dip. You could also include some cooked, drained spinach or raw baby spinach to the asparagus dip recipe included here.

Can you bake this asparagus dip?

Aside from the asparagus, all of the ingredients in this asparagus dip recipe are raw and don’t require cooking. If you were to bake the asparagus dip, it would change the emerald green color of the dip to a darker shade of green that may be less appetizing.

We tried a version of this asparagus dip that included a parmesan cheese topping that was baked, and we found the result to be too oily and less fresh-tasting than the original recipe.


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