62. Understanding Breast Implant Illness with Dr. Robert Whitfield

February 09, 2024

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Can Breast Implants Make You Sick?

In this week’s episode, Morgan gets real about implants with plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Whitfield, an expert in breast implant removal surgery. He shares his knowledge of breast implant illness, the importance of recognizing symptoms, and the advantages and disadvantages of implant surgeries. A pioneer in breast implant removal surgery and “no-cut” facelifts, Robert is well-known for his Holistic Accelerated Recovery Program, which helps reduce inflammation during the post-surgery healing process. Learn to spot the symptoms of implant illness that can happen with any device, how it’s treated, and who is most at risk of developing it. Morgan and Robert also discuss toxins, hormone imbalances, and how your own fat can be used as a filler.


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Dr. Robert Whitfield

Instagram: @drrobwhitfield

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