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Greek Salad with Spiralized Cucumber

July 27, 2017 0 Comments

Greek Salad with Spiralized Cucumber

If you’re looking for a savvy twist to your traditional Greek summer salad, try Krysten’s Greek Salad with Spiralized Cucumber! Krysten has a knack for adding a little extra pizzazz to all her recipes, and this masterpiece is no exception. Plus, it’s fun, easy, and nutrient dense!


Krysten believes in eating real, nutrient-dense food. She avoids corn, wheat, soy, dairy, and sugar, although she’ll occasionally indulge in special foods around the holidays, or when visiting friends and family. At home, Krysten creates clean, whole food recipes, and she and her husband cook together almost every night.

Born in San Francisco, California, Krysten grew up in a culinary wonderland of different cultures. However, being half Greek, Krysten particularly enjoys classic Greek dishes like Spanakopita, Pastitsio, Moussaka, Galaktoboureko, Loukoumades, Baklava and more.

Krysten grew up cooking with her grandmother and both parents. However, once she moved to college, she had access to only a refrigerator and a microwave. In response, Krysten began eating a lot of pasta, and other foods that were easy and quick to make, but not necessarily nutrient-dense. In 2009, after consulting her naturalist doctor, Krysten went on a dramatic cleanse, and lost 60 pounds eating mostly meat and veggies, and removing things like sugar and dairy from her diet. 

Now, Krysten loves to research topics related to food and wellness, and she is constantly discovering and creating recipes that make healthy eating easier and tastier. She founded the blog Krysten’s Kitchen, and is currently in the process of writing her very first cookbook!



• Either a veggetti or a spiralizer (both available online)


• 2 large cucumbers
• 3/4 lb cherry tomatoes
• 1 medium red onion
• 1/2 cup Primal Kitchen® Greek Dressing
• Feta (optional)


• Wash all the veggies.
• Cut the ends off of the cucumber in a straight line to make them easier to spiral in the spiralizer.
• Spiralize the cucumber into thin noodles.
• Place the noodles into a large serving bowl.
• Dice the cherry tomatoes, and add the pieces to the cucumber spirals.
• Dice the red onion, and add the pieces to the cucumber spirals and tomatoes.
• Measure out ½ cup of Primal Kitchen® Greek Dressing, and add it to the veggies, mixing everything together.
• Sprinkle feta crumbles on top of the salad (optional).
• Add a pinch or two of oregano and enjoy!

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