69: Keto Secrets For Wellness & Weight-Loss With Maria Emmerich

May 03, 2024

Welcome to The Primal Kitchen Podcast, hosted by co-founder Morgan Zanotti. Every week, she's sitting down with the biggest names in the health, wellness, and personal growth space. Listen in on SpotifyApple, Amazon Music and here on PrimalKitchen.com. 

A Meaty Topic

In this episode, Morgan digs into the benefits of going keto with Maria Emmerich, nutritionist and international bestselling author of books including Keto-Adapted and The Carnivore Cookbook.

Maria shares her personal story of overcoming polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and depression through her keto transformation. Tune in as she reveals her secrets for optimizing brain health, and sheds light on protein-sparing diets and the potential downsides of consuming dairy.

Morgan and Maria cover a variety of keto-related topics from managing diabetes and successfully overcoming alopecia to trying keto meditation (yes, there is such a thing!). You'll also hear about Maria's experiences working with celebrities like Halle Berry and how her approach to keto has changed over time.

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Connect with Our Guest

Maria Emmerich

Instagram: @mariaemmerich

X: @mariaemmerich

Website: mariamindbodyhealth.com



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