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About Yovana Mendoza

About Yovana Mendoza

Blogger, social media sensation and wellness mama Yovana Mendoza is dedicated to finding the balance between ingredients and taste in her recipes. That's why she reaches for Primal Kitchen products when making her favorite everyday dishes. Whether she's making her husband a sandwich topped with Avocado Oil Mayo, drizzling Ranch on a veggie-forward salad, or dunking homemade fries in Unsweetened Ketchup, Primal Kitchen is always on her menu.

Yovana's platform supports all diet lifestyles and eating plans, so whether you are a vegan, keeping Keto, interested in ancestral eating paleo, or just looking to live life without sauce on the side, her recipes have got you covered! Follow her on Instagram @yovana and check out her BRAND NEW diet inclusive App, SimpleFit.

Grab Yovana's Primal Kitchen favorites!

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