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Which Dressing Are You?

Are you zingy like Avocado Lime, or as cool as Ranch? Tell us a little about yourself and we'll reveal which Primal Kitchen dressing reflects your personality.

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Personality Quiz

Which Sauce Are You?

Your future looks … saucy! Take our quiz to reveal which one of our mouthwatering, flavor-packed grilling sauces suits your style.

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The Ketchup Matchmaker

Sweet, spicy, or original? Our ketchup quiz reveals which one you’re condiment to be with.

Answer four quick questions about yourself, and we’ll match you with the perfect condiment.

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Is Collagen Right For You?

Answer a few quick questions to see if delicious skin, hair, & nail support should be part of your summertime self-care routine.

If so, we have the perfect recommendation based on your goals and how you plan to use it.

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Buffalo Sauce Finder

Not sure which of our THREE Buffalo Sauces is the perfect fit? Don’t sweat it! Answer a few quick questions and we’ll reveal the creamy, no-dairy Buffalo Sauce that will light your fire.

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Game Day Recipe Finder

No matter what your goal, we've got your game day spread covered.

Tell us about your gathering, how you'll be cooking, and your spice preferences, and we'll pick four recipes that are sure to score!