To Our Primal Family,

As you may know, on Monday, April 22nd, Primal Kitchen® experienced an attack on its email newsletter management system. We discovered this incident when we received reports from subscribers that they were receiving unauthorized emails from us. We immediately began to investigate with our vendor and determined that one of our employees was the victim of a targeted phishing attack over the weekend that resulted in the employee’s email management credentials being compromised. We then took immediate steps to terminate the individual’s access to the system. Further investigation revealed that the individual was able to download a copy of subscriber information from the system, which included the information you provided to us in connection with your subscription, such as names, email addresses, city, state, and country of residence, and your location at the time, along with some system information, such as the date on which you created your profile, the means by which you learned about us, and the date and time of your most recent interaction with our emails or access of our system.

Please note that no sensitive data, such as credit card information you may have given us, was affected or compromised in any way.

The individual was able to use subscriber information and existing Primal Nutrition email newsletter templates in the system to send "scareware" emails to you. The emails contained language meant to make you think that your computer had been compromised so that you would pay the individual Bitcoin to resolve the situation. We carefully analyzed samples of the "scareware" emails and determined that they did not contain any malware or malicious links and were not capable of compromising your computer.

As a result of this incident, we are in the process of implementing additional security measures which we expect will prevent a reoccurrence. We are also conducting information security training for all of our employees, including training on identifying and reporting suspected phishing emails.

To contact Primal Nutrition LLC. about this incident, please contact us at or +1 (888) 774-6259.