Honey Mustard Dressing & Marinade

Crafted with real, delicious ingredients for a sweet and tangy homemade taste.

Our Story

At Primal Kitchen, we elevate food to its fullest potential.
That means high-quality ingredients like avocado oil, bold flavors, exciting taste profiles, and more meals worth savoring. 

Health & wellness expert and New York Times bestselling author Mark Sisson founded Primal Kitchen on a mission to change the way the world eats. Our lineup of over 70 condiments, sauces, and dressings is crafted with premium ingredients that make preparing delicious dishes for yourself, your friends, and your family easier than ever.

You work hard. The food you choose should be working hard for you. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating products with uncompromising quality, made with fats we love and real ingredients you recognize—so you can get the most out of life.

What's the Buzz?

The Reviews Are In



“Clean ingredients and the taste is simply amazing… Tangy with a bit of sweet - it can really go on almost everything. It's even amazing as an ingredient when I get creative in the kitchen and I want to add a flavor with some real body and aroma.” - Christopher D.



“Really enjoy this salad dressing. But I also feel good about eating it since it’s not made with any junk oils. Just beautiful, healthy avocado oil. Thanks a million!” - Nina R.

Instant Pot

Honey Mustard Chicken

Get cozy with shredded chicken marinated in Honey Mustard Dressing, served atop a fluffy bed of cauliflower rice blended with hearty root vegetables.

Ready in Minutes

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad

Crisp apples and creamy Honey Mustard balance the earthy flavor of Brussels sprouts in this delicious, easy-to-make dish. 

Cozy Classic

Harvest Bowl

Spicy arugula combines with seasonal squash and our sweet & tangy Honey Mustard Dressing for a salad that's crisp, refreshing, and full of flavor.