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Romaine Calm; It’s 2021

Our founder Mark Sisson had a vision to change the way the world eats by focusing on “fats we love”, real ingredients, and delicious flavor. What better way to celebrate a fresh new year than with an uplifting campaign that inspires with messages of positivity, celebration, and eating with self-care in mind? #LettuceCelebrate is all about adding easy, uncompromisingly delicious flavor to conscious eating with diverse and versatile Primal Kitchen salad dressings and marinades. Embrace your resolutions for a new year, new you, and new attitude towards real-food eating. Join one of our three exciting, supportive challenges to start the year off right!
New Year, Easy Change: Eat 1 Salad a Day for 7 Days

New Year, Easy Change: Eat 1 Salad a Day for 7 Days

#LettuceCelebrate the start of new year with fresh salad inspiration! Join the 7 Days, 7 Salads Challenge and learn how to create exciting, delicious salads, personalized to your taste buds. No more boring hunks of lettuce that rot in the fridge; this challenge will ignite your culinary creativity with recipes, suggestions, tips, and tricks for upping your salad game. We’ve simplified restaurant-style salads to keep the flavors you crave, with upgraded ingredients and our suite of avocado oil-based dressings. You’ll get: a shopping list, daily emails with recipes and macros, downloadable extra materials, and step-by-step videos for easy salad prep.
Going Keto? Try This!

Going Keto? Try This!

Join Keto Month for a 30-day meal and exercise plan based on Primal Kitchen founder Mark Sisson's bestselling book, The Keto Reset. Revive your keto goals or learn the basics of this popular diet without the guesswork or tedious macro-counting. Each day you’ll get a meal plan with macros, exercise ideas, inspiration, and helpful tips from Mark straight into your inbox. You’ll get: shopping lists, daily emails, meal plans, recipes, exercise suggestions, a special keto webinar with Mark, and special offers all month long.
Intermittent Fasting Blueprint

Intermittent Fasting Blueprint

The Intermittent Fasting Blueprint will guide you through four weeks of intermittent fasting, plus daily Primal fitness, recipe, and lifestyle inspiration to set the foundation for a focused new year. Join our vibrant community and learn about intermittent fasting to find out what suits you best. Whether you’re brand new to intermittent fasting or an old pro, jump on this opportunity to try it with a new spin. It doesn’t matter if your diet is Primal, paleo, keto, carnivore, or something else entirely. Everyone’s invited! You’ll get: a downloadable fasting calendar for the month, daily fitness and lifestyle tips, an exclusive guidebook, fasting journal, featured recipe of the day, plus special offers.
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