In the Mix for October: Get on the Gravy Train, Mayos Make a Sammy, and Love for Collagen

November 08, 2021

So you never miss a beet, we rounded up Primal Kitchen news from around the web this October into one post! We celebrated the start of autumn with cozy recipes and launched holiday-ready gravy. Check out our latest media mentions right here, every month. Plus: sign up for our newsletter for exclusive deals, discounts, recipe inspo, and much more!

Good Gravy, TWO New Pantry Staples are Here.

The holidays are just around the corner, and we’re setting your family up for festive success with extra-easy, unbelievably delicious gravies that save time and bring the flavor.

No-Dairy Vegan Mushroom Gravy

Made without soy, canola, gluten or grains, fix family favorites with this Whole30 Approved®, Keto Certified, and Certified Paleo Organic gravy. This USDA Organic gravy is filled with savory flavor and features the classic creamy, silky texture you know and love. Top cauliflower mash, drizzle it on roasted veggies, or add it to vegetarian chili!

No-Dairy Classic Turkey Gravy

Keto Certified, Certified Paleo, and Whole30 Approved®, this turkey gravy is brimming with robust flavor and velvety texture. Poultry seasoning, coconut cream, and coconut aminos come together for the homestyle, umami flavor. Made without dairy, gluten, grains or soy, our gravy adds savory taste to holiday meals like Turkey, and a comforting flavor to vegetables.

Everyday Deliciousness with Primal Kitchen

Here at PK, we’re all about making your regular routine tasty. Two of our fan-fave products made waves this month for adding delicious flavor, simplicity, and real ingredients to your go-to meals.

Self.Com Names PK in Best Vegan Mayos List

Rosemary Garlic FTW! This flavorful vegan fave made the list of the “6 Best Vegan Mayos to Make Any Sandwich, Salad or Sauce More Delicious.” We agree! Aromatic and delicate, our vegan mayo brings no-dairy deliciousness to any dish. Use our store locator to pick your jar up in the refrigerated aisle.

GoDairyFree.Org Calls Out Collagen

No dairy? No problem! GoDairyFree.Org reviewed our most-loved collagen peptides mixes and packs, making note of our wide variety of tasty flavors. Find your fave and add it to coffee, baked goods, smoothies, shakes, and more for hair, skin and nail support.

Gear Patrol Loves On-the-Go Collagen Sticks

Gear Patrol gave our Collagen Stick Packs the stamp of approval in their list of the “Best Collagen Peptides of 2021.” Try these grab-and-go goodies for yourself and add a 10g per serving to any drink you can dream of.

Let’s Keep in Touch

Keep your eyes and sweet potatoes peeled for updates on what’s going on this autumn, like product launches, exclusive promos, deals, and discounts when you sign up for our email newsletter.


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