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07: Farmlink - How a College Non-Profit Sparked Monumental Community Change

November 15, 2021

07: Farmlink - How a College Non-Profit Sparked Monumental Community Change



Welcome to The Primal Kitchen Podcast, hosted by founders Mark Sisson and Morgan Zanotti. Every week, they're sitting down with the biggest names in the health, wellness, and personal growth space. Listen in on SpotifyApple, and here on


From College Students to Food Bank Hero's

With the upcoming Holiday season approaching, Morgan takes an in-depth look at the current food shortage situation happening across the country and how one college non-profit created monumental change and sparked an unstoppable movement. The Farmlink Project helps connect farmers to local food banks to decrease food waste. Joined by founders James & Aidan, this episode explores how this powerhouse non-profit found success in the middle of a global pandemic, and why you should never underestimate the power of driven college students.


Full Episode on YouTube: 

Or download directly HERE


Connect with our Guests: 

Instagram: @farmlinkproject

Twitter: @farmlinkproject


Donate to Farmlink Project directly on their website to help them continue providing to food banks across to nation and Native Reservations such as Navajo Nation. 

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