We Make Eating Veggies Easy (and Tasty!)

#LettuceCelebrate the start of your real-food journey with fresh salad inspiration! Join the 7 Days, 7 Salads Challenge and learn how to create exciting, delicious salads, personalized to your taste buds.

No more boring hunks of lettuce that rot in the fridge; this challenge will ignite your culinary creativity with recipes, suggestions, tips, and tricks for upping your salad game.

We’ve simplified restaurant-style salads to keep the flavors you crave, with upgraded ingredients and our suite of avocado oil-based dressings.

Salad Challenge Perks

Follow along with step-by-step instructions for simple salad prep, how to clean and store produce for the longest life, protein cooking tips, and tricks for restaurant-style salad hacks.

We’ll send your daily salad recipe straight to your inbox, along with modification suggestions so you can customize your salad to suit your needs.

Make salad prep easy peasy: Print and pack this list for your next shopping trip or online order.

Macronutrient info for each (single) serving of salad is included as well—no calculating, counting, or tracking needed!

Shop the Primal Kitchen Suite of Salad Dressings

Fill your pantry with high quality, real-food salad dressings. These convenient, uncompromisingly delicious products are the secret ingredients that transform the same-old salad into something new and exciting.

Grab these four distinctive dressings to get a jump on Salad Challenge shopping: Green Goddess, Sesame Ginger, Balsamic, and Cilantro Lime. If you're vegan, swap in these substitutes: Lemon Turmeric, Vegan Ranch.