Spring Cleansing Series Tips with Simpl Holistic


Spring is a great time for renewal. As the weather gets warmer, fresh vegetables begin to grow and come back in season making for the best fresh salads. Ashlee from SimplHolistic.com shares dairy-free ways to dress your salad as part of her Spring Cleansing Series.  Find out which Primal Kitchen® Dressing, Marinade and Vinaigrette she’s smothering on her spring salads this season.

Check out her salad recipe at SimplHolistic.com!


Hi! I’m Ashlee and I’m a certified Nutrition Consultant. I am a graduate of Bauman College and am still furthering my education in nutrition. I was born and raised in Alaska and currently live in Washington state. I’m a big fan of my husband, the gospel and good adventure. All things health, mexican food, acai bowls, my giant family, fishing, alaska and traveling are my jam.

Her blog, SimplHolistic is Ashlee’s way of sharing her passion for health and wellness. By eating real food and removing toxins from her life, Ashlee was able to feel human again. Learn more about Ashlee’s story and follow along with her on Instagram at @simplholistic.