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Avocado Lime Sauce & Dressing

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Our Story

Flavor the Moment

At Primal Kitchen, we elevate food to its fullest potential.
That means high-quality ingredients like avocado oil, bold flavors, exciting taste profiles, and more meals worth savoring. 

Health & wellness expert and New York Times bestselling author Mark Sisson founded Primal Kitchen on a mission to change the way the world eats. Our lineup of over 70 condiments, sauces, and dressings is crafted with premium ingredients that make preparing delicious dishes for yourself, your friends, and your family easier than ever.

You work hard. The food you choose should be working hard for you. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating products with uncompromising quality, made with fats we love and real ingredients you recognize—so you can get the most out of life.

What's Inside

Ingredients You Recognize

Primal Kitchen began with one simple mission: to change the way the world eats. We're committed to creating products without compromise.

Available in a handy 2-pack at Costco, this refreshingly vibrant and creamy sauce is made without soy, canola, or dairy ingredients—plus it’s sugar-free and keto-friendly to boot!

It's the perfect companion for tacos, salad, veggies, fish, chicken, and more.

Full flavor, clean plate

Dip & Dunk

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

In this easy bacon-wrapped shrimp recipe, savory pork slices are partially cooked and then wrapped around the shrimp for a perfectly crisped coat.

Pair this savory shrimp with Primal Kitchen Avocado Lime Sauce & Dressing for a delicious, dippable dish that’s perfect for parties or family dinners. 

Drizzle the sauce

Rotisserie Chicken Tacos

Made with pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, grain-free tortillas, and our creamy, zingy Avocado Lime Sauce & Dressing, these tasty tacos are an easy win.

Perfect for a quick snack or weekday lunch, you can also pair them with a quick veggie slaw or cilantro lime cauliflower rice for a full meal. 

Marinate & Bake

Avocado Lime Baked Chicken

Avocado makes twice the impact in this delicious, make-and-bake chicken recipe featuring Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Spray and our creamy, refreshing Avocado Lime Sauce & Dressing.

After marinating, our Avocado Lime Chicken goes from oven to table in less time than it takes to stream an episode of your favorite show. 

Dress it up

Pressure Cooker Chicken Salad

This 15-minute, no cook chicken salad recipe uses an entire rotisserie chicken, a few pantry items, chopped produce, and bacon for smoky saltiness.

Perfect for meal prep for a few days of lunches or an easy no-cook dinner for four on a busy weeknight, this rotisserie chicken salad melds the creamy zing of our Avocado Lime Sauce & Dressing with the creamy richness of our Mayo with Avocado Oil.