Throwback After School Snack Swaps

September 29, 2021

Celebrate #ThrowbackThursday with this ultimate roundup of the nostalgic noshes you loved as a kid, updated with upgraded ingredients! So go ahead, take a taste trip back in time: turn up the mix CD in your boombox, throw on your acid-washed jean jacket or flip the collar up on your polo shirt. Get a #tasteoftbt with these throwback snacks made with Primal Kitchen favorites.

Throwback School Snacks for Kids

Skip the sugar-stuffed snacks of yore for these Primal-ready snacks made for little ones (and parents)! These swaps capture all the same flavor and fun of your childhood favorites with upgraded ingredients. Now That’s What We Call Snacks!

Forget PB. Try Macadamia Nut Butter!

Picture this: you plop your backpack down, head to the fridge and make yourself a sloppy PB + J, and flip the TV to Bill Nye the Science Guy and log onto AOL before your parents need to get on the internet line. While half of those concepts no longer exist, the PB sammy has stood the test of time. This two-ingredient nut butter is a welcome update.

Make Mini Microwave Pizza With Veggies and An Air Fryer

Let’s hand it to 90s commercials for making microwave pizza look so tasty. This air fryer update swaps in Crispy Zucchini and Primal Kitchen Unsweetened Red Pizza Sauce!

A gif shows mini crispy zucchini pizzas being made

Missing Mozzarella Sticks? Try Cheesy Zucchini Sticks.

It IS easy being cheesy with these veggie-forward Zucchini sticks. Savory, robust, and oh so flavorful, these sticks make plant-based snacking simple.

Make These Mini Chocolate Muffins

Who can forget those small bags with a few extra-moist, decadent mini muffins? This swap uses Vegan Mayo and Bananas for creamy, comfort food flavor without the artificial ingredients.

Gotta Have Gummy Bears? Swap Collagen Gummies.

Satisfy that after-school sweet tooth with a bit of hair, skin, and nail support from 10g of collagen in every serving of Primal Kitchen Collagen Quench! These fruity favorites are a perfect, travel-ready treat.

Matcha watermelon pops are assembled on a plate with watermelon in the background.

Skip Ice Cream for Matcha Pops

Cool down after class with refreshing, fruity pops made with Keto Collagen Latte powder in earthy Mactha. These colorful pops are as visually appealing as they are tasty!

Loved Your Dunkaroos? These Donut Holes Are A Dream

If baked goods were your go-to, these Cinnamon Sugar Keto Donut Holes are the ideal swap: just the right amount of sweet and cozy flavor is packed into these bites!

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