The Body Love Workshop with Sarah Sapora

November 22, 2017 0 Comments

The Body Love Workshop with Sarah Sapora


Sarah Sapora brings compassion, vitality, and purpose to her life's work: promoting health, empowerment, and self-love among women of all shapes and sizes

At Primal Kitchen, we're incredibly proud to support women making groundbreaking moves in the health and wellness space. We feel honored and grateful to have been a part of Sarah Sapora's very first Body Love Workshop, a day in which women were able to more intimately connect with her powerful message.

Make sure to follow Sarah on Instagram at @SarahSapora, discover her work online, and get ready to sign up for the next three Body Love Workshops coming up next year!



Sarah Sapora's Body Love Workshop

We're all still glowing after Sarah Sapora's first ever Body Love Workshop! This size-inclusive wellness event was focused on women, and celebrating the relationship between loving your body and finding joy and success in all other aspects of your life.

The ideas that Sarah wants to help attendees internalize include:

1) We're all worthy of self-love. At any age, at any weight, and at any size.

2) We're all scared of the same things. It's time we started talking openly about our struggles, finding ways to embrace the hard stuff, and supporting one another on our personal wellness journeys.

3). We learn to show up for ourselves and create the life we want. We can choose make better, happier, healthier choices each and every day.



Sarah's first Body Love Workshop sent waves through the wellness community.

The day opened with a size-friendly Kundalini yoga class taught by Kjord Davis, Director of Kundalini at Wanderlust Hollywood and found of the Indigo Lab Kundalini Yoga Studio.

Next, Sarah herself led a "Name Your Purpose Workshop", creating a space to tap into reflection, self-empowerment, goal-setting, determination, and motivation.

Finally, participants had the opportunity to chime in on a panel discussion focused on the crossroad between inclusivity and wellness.

Led by Gina Susanna (eating disorder and body positive advocate), Simone Mariposa (body positive advocate and Creator of #WeWearWhatWeWant), Gia Narvaez (Transgender and Body Positive Advocate), and Alex Larosa (Plus Model and Founder of the #VisiblyPlusSize movement), this discussion made for an illuminating talk about body love, body positivity, and wellness.




About Sarah Sapora

Sarah Sapora is out to change the word, one woman at a time. A Self-Love Mentor and Wellness Advocate, Sarah's biggest passion in life is igniting positive change in women of all shapes and sizes. A writer, inspirational speaker, online marketer, content creator, influencer, and storyteller, Sarah is using her platform to spread the word that health and wellness starts from the inside out.

Believing that every day is an opportunity to grow and #BeGreater, Sarah has brought thousands of people along on a quest to feel stronger, more balanced, and driven by joy. A practitioner of Kundalini yoga and a strength training machine, Sarah has above all become a true activist for love.

Read more about Sarah's work in Women’s Health, Today Show, Refinery 29, Allure, and Bustle. Her own personal writing can be found on Huffington Post and Plus Model Magazine. Sarah is a blossoming coach, motivator, and currently leads personal growth groups for women online.

To connect with Sarah, follow her on Instagram at @SarahSapora and Twitter at @SSapora. Check out Sarah's amazing blog, find her online, and of course, attend the next Body Love Workshop!


What's Next?

If you missed this first Body Love Workshop, don't worry. Sarah plans to host three more of these game-changing events in the early fall of 2018. Sarah hopes to organize the event across the country, and keep serving everyday, regular women who deeply want to show up for their lives but need a safe place to start.

Make sure to keep up with Sarah online and on social media, as she's also creating a private membership community online for women, opportunities for one-on-one self-love mentoring, and group mentoring services this year!

Sarah wrote, "On a personal level, doing the event was my "f*ck it and go" moment. I knew it was time for me to step up and show up for MY life. I knew it was time to serve. I knew it was time to play big... and so I went all in and just said, "yes, make this happen!"'

We hope you feel as inspired by Sarah as we do.




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