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Primal Kitchen Wins Paleo Magazine's Best Paleo Food & Lifestyle Company Award

September 11, 2018

Primal Kitchen Wins Paleo Magazine's Best Paleo Food & Lifestyle Company Award

We're thrilled to announce that Primal Kitchen was awarded Paleo Magazine's 6th Annual Award for Best Paleo Food & Lifestyle Company of 2018! 
Launched in February of 2015, Primal Kitchen has continued to grow at breakneck speed, evolving in just three years into one of the top natural foods product brands in the world. Committed to bringing premium, real food condiments, bars, and protein shakes to pantry shelves around the globe, Primal Kitchen is revolutionizing the food industry with Paleo-Approved and uncompromisingly delicious products designed to support and optimize your health. 
Bringing a new vision of food to the forefront of grocery store shelves and online platforms, Primal Kitchen has made healthy eating easier than ever!
With unsweetened, organic, and Whole30-Approved Ketchup and Spicy Brown Mustard, avocado oil-infused dressings, marinades, vinaigrettes, and mayos, and collagen-infused protein bars and shake mixes, Primal Kitchen is taking the unhealthy ingredients out, and bringing the flavor of whole foods back in. Enjoy our Whole30-Approved and Keto-Friendly products wherever you go, and integrate nourishing food into a lifestyle that you love. 

Keto Reset Diet Wins Best New Book 

After making a delicious primal dinner, don't forget to sit down with Mark Sisson's best-selling book, The Keto Reset Diet. Winner of Paleo Magazine's Best New Book (General Health/Wellness), The Keto Reset Diet is the first to provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for doing keto the right way, without any of the backsliding associated with shortcut methods. Lauded by critics as the most sensible and comprehensive approach to the popular ketogenic diet, The Keto Reset Diet introduces a medically-validated, two-step blueprint for implementing the new evolution in  primal living.


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