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Primal Kitchen Collagen Bars Featured by Bon Appétit Healthyish

June 30, 2017 0 Comments

Primal Kitchen Collagen Bars Featured by Bon Appétit Healthyish

Check it out, Primal Kitchen Collagen Bars popped up in Bon Appétit’s hot new blog Healthyish! In 6 Ways to Boost Your Collagen, journalist Magdalena Puniewska takes on collagen, diving into its amazing body benefits and offering 6 great ways (including our bars!) to help you start incorporating collagen into your diet.

Benefits of Collagen

In the article, holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque explains that “Collagen is a protein that’s the basic building block of skin, hair, nails, joints, and other connective tissues like tendons.”

The important role of collagen in the molecular makeup of our connective tissue is why it’s such an important all-natural beauty secret. Collagen has been shown in studies to reduce skin cracking, decrease wrinkling, and improve skin elasticity.

Additionally, collagen is important for joint health, reducing joint pain and increasing the resiliency of the body when subjected to heavy loading and intense exercise. Collagen improves the resistance of your tendons to damage and rupture, making athletes and people living an active lifestyle stronger and less injury prone

Primal Kitchen Collagen Bars

Primal Kitchen Collagen Bars are made with all real ingredients, including pumpkin seeds, nuts, vitamin E, coconut oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, and honey.

Primal Kitchen is committed to paleo-friendly products that are free of dairy, gluten, soy, and GMOs. Choose between Coconut Cashew, Dark Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Macadamia Sea Salt flavors to meet all your collagen needs!

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