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Health Kelly LeVeque Talks Nutrition for Moms

August 02, 2018

Health Kelly LeVeque Talks Nutrition for Moms


This month, Motherly interviewed celebrity health coach Kelly LeVeque on nutrition for moms, and highlighted how some of the busiest women on the planet can take important steps towards improving their health and wellness. 

Kelly (author of Body Love) is expecting her first child this year, and revealed that her go-to during these critical months has been the Fab4Smoothie made with Primal Kitchen® Collagen Fuel—a customizable meal replacement smoothie composed of four essential components: protein, fat, fiber, and greens.

For busy and sometimes overwhelmed moms, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to meal prep and cook. The Fab4Smoothie offers a solution by providing women with something simple and concrete they can commit to. Quick, easy, nutrient-dense, and adaptable to any diet, the Fab4Smoothie is truly changing the way moms think about their own wellbeing and nutrition. 



Kelly explains that you can quickly whip up a balanced and nourishing smoothie using protein powder (Kelly recommends Primal Kitchen Vanilla Coconut or Primal Kitchen Chocolate Coconut Collagen Fuel), greens (like spinach, kale, or basil), fats (including things like avocado, avocado oil, coconut oil, or almond butter), carbs (blueberries, apples, raspberries and other low-glycemic fruits), and a few superfood additions like flax, maca or chia seed. 

The secret behind the success of Kelly's Fab4Smoothie? Following Kelly's guidelines, you'll be able to whip up a thick, nutritious smoothie that acts as a meal replacement, reduces hunger hormones, and avoids blood sugar spikes. Take the guesswork out of your nutrition, and the stress out of mealtime decision-making with the Fab4Smoothie! Take back your life and your health, and show up better than ever in both your personal and professional life. 


Why Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel? 

  • Free of dairy, sugar, gluten, and soy 
  • Paleo-Approved
  • Packed with premium collagen protein 
  • Contains absolutely NO artificial additives, natural flavors, or preservatives

Whip up your favorite smoothies, bowls, desserts, soups, coffee brews, and even cocktails with our collagen fuel and flavorless collagen peptides!





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