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Game Day Essentials: Recipe Roundup

January 14, 2019

Game Day Essentials: Recipe Roundup

It's almost time for the Big Game, and everyone's favorite halftime show! Get ready for the tailgating, BBQs, Friday night parties and more with these top five game day essentials. Keto-friendly and Paleo-Approved, every one of these mouthwatering recipes comes packed with Whole30-Approved dressings and mayos. Made with 100% real food, Primal Kitchen condiments are infused with avocado oil, savory spices, fun, flavor, and a little extra kick—perfectly designed to make every dish you create irresistibly delicious. 


1. Thousand Island "Secret Sauce" with Burger and Fries 

It's time to whip out the class burger and fries, but with one unbeatable twist: our Thousand Island "Secret Sauce," made with our creamy Chipotle Lime Mayo and Thousand Island Dressing. If you thought you loved one of America's classic dishes before, then get ready to fall head over heels for this amazing tailgating sidekick. 

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2. Bacon Chips and Guacamole 

We all love guacamole, and hardly anyone can resist a crispy slice of perfectly cooked bacon. But have you ever tried pairing the two together?! Your world is about to be revolutionized with this mouthwatering, keto-friendly combo. 

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3. Green Bean Tempura 

We love how fresh and sweet green beans are this time of year. Dip them in savory Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing and gluten-free cassava flour for an incredible batter that comes out light and crispy.

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4. Grain-Free Ranch & Pepperoni Pizza 

What could be better on a game day than pizza made with fresh veggies, cheese, pepperoni, and dairy-free Ranch Dressing—made with all the rich creaminess you know and love. 

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5. Garlic Aioli Lettuce Wraps 

This is your classic BLT sandwich with a few paleo and keto-friendly twists. Get ready to rock and roll with these delicious lettuce wraps and one of our favorite savory condiments—perfectly designed to turn ordinary sandwiches, wraps, chicken dishes, and roasted veggies into mouthwatering feasts. 

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