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Easy Gluten-Free Keto Donut Holes

May 03, 2019

Easy Gluten-Free Keto Donut Holes Recipe

Cake donut holes are impossible to resist. These easy keto donut holes are tender and pillowy on the inside, thickly covered with powdered or granulated sugar, and small enough to enjoy more than one.

The promise of a perfect, cloud-like bite of sweetness is hard to pass up. I’m often disappointed by the taste of the cheap oil used (and often re-used) to fry these. No amount of powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar can cloak the taste of seed oil.

One solution: Don’t eat fried donuts. A more fun option: Bake your own. An even better idea: Make these four-ingredient, no-bake, no-fry Keto Sugar Donut Holes. Macadamia nuts provide an unctuous base that develop a texture similar to cookie dough.

Simply roll the buttery dough into balls, chill, then roll in them natural sweetener. We boosted the flavor of our Keto Donut Holes with collagen—our gorgeously Golden Turmeric Collagen. If you’d like a cocoa version, sub our Chocolate Coconut Collagen.

Easy Gluten-Free Keto Donut Holes

Time: 50 minutes

Servings: 12

      Easy Gluten-Free Keto Donut Holes Recipe

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