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Announcing Primal Kitchen™ Frozen Bowls and Skillets

March 05, 2020

Primal Kitchen Frozen Bowls and Skillets

Consider weeknight dinners and weekday lunches hacked! The Primal Kitchen Frozen Bowls and Skillets are finally here, made with high-quality ingredients and uncompromisingly delicious flavor. Even though the benefits of real-food eating can’t be beat, packed schedules and busy lives can turn food prep into a serious schlep. After a long day, or with just minutes to spare, it’s so hard to ignore the siren call of fast food or delivery—but even when time is tight, your food should be just right!

Enter Primal Kitchen Frozen Bowls and Skillets: a simple, quick, and tasty solution. These savory bowls and Skillets include protein, veggies, and complex flavor profiles for maximum return with minimum effort. Sizzle into satisfaction with Whole30-Approved and Paleo-Friendly skillets made without soy, grains, or gluten. Choose from Steak Fajitas, No-Soy Chicken Teriyaki, and Chicken Fried Riced Cauliflower—each sized to share. For single-serve made simple, try kicky Chicken Panang Curry, flavorful Chicken Pesto, or savory Beef and Mushroom bowls for real food that is Whole30-Approved, gluten-free, Paleo-Friendly, and ready in minutes.

Why Frozen Food?

Whipping up tasty, real-food recipes with high-quality ingredients is great in theory, but, inevitably, life can get in the way of regular culinary creations. Whether you’re struggling to find the time, or lost when it comes to cooking, these frozen bowls and skillets can fill in the gaps.

Primal Kitchen Founder Mark Sisson has made easy real-food eating his mission, and making paleo-friendly, Whole30-Approved bowls and skillets are the next step. “My philosophy is simple: Every bite of food you eat should be both delicious and nourishing. When life gets busy, real food with serious flavor is hard to deliver. I’m doing things differently at Primal Kitchen,” explains Mark. “No sacrificing flavor—just simple, real solutions that are uncompromisingly delicious with every bite.”

Frozen Bowls and Skillets: Benefits

There’s lots of benefits to eating “inside the box!”

  • Where’s the Beef (from)? The beef used in our bowls and skillets is grass-fed and pasture-raised, without antibiotics or hormones. Meat your new favorite kitchen hack.
  • Tastes Like Chicken! (Because it Is Chicken) Our frozen bowls and skillets feature cage-free*, dark-meat chicken without antibiotics or hormones^. Clucking delicious.
  • Heat-and-eat Can’t Be Beat. Short on time? Tiny kitchen? No culinary skills? Our bowls are fool-proof and mess-free: Just pop ‘em in the oven or the microwave. For our skillets, just add avocado oil for a stove-top taste fest in minutes.
  • Preferences? No Problem. Finally, quick-fix solutions for folks who have intolerances, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle preferences. These are all made without gluten, soy, dairy, or industrial oils.
  • Satisfying & Sustainable. Made from up-cycled sugar cane fiber, our best-in-class bowl packaging is the first of its kind. Made entirely from sugar cane grown in the USA, without PFA’s (pre- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) and using an annually renewable resource of sugar cane byproduct, these microwave-safe bowls effectively end the waste stream.
  • Serving Size Solutions. Our bowls are single serve, to make break room lunches a breeze. Our skillets serve two. Appropriately portioned food means less waste.

†Cattle never confined to a feedlot.

*Chicken never confined to cages.

^Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids in poultry.

Reasons to Rethink Readymade

Forget what you think you know about frozen! Primal Kitchen Frozen Bowls and Skillets are redefining the market with quality ingredients, sustainable packaging, and thoughtfully designed recipes. Get ready to be bowled over by this exciting feature: Made from up-cycled sugar cane fiber, our best-in-class bowl packaging is the first of its kind. Made entirely from sugar cane grown in the USA, this up-cycled bowl is made without PFA’s (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) from an annually renewable resource of sugar cane byproduct, effectively ending the waste stream and creating a clean, sturdy, microwave-safe bowl. Primal Kitchen is currently in the process of getting the bowls certified compostable and recyclable. Finally, satisfying flavor in sustainable packaging!

Nothing beats fresh produce, but farm fresh can be hard to come by, based on location, season, pricing, and availability. When used in moderation, frozen food can be a viable alternative. Interested in learning more about the nutritional value of frozen food? Check out this article: Fresh vs. Frozen: Which Is More Nutritious? 

Don’t fear frozen; find your perfect match!

Craving a little midday spice?
Chicken Panang Curry Bowl: Paleo Friendly, Whole30 Approved, and made without dairy, gluten, or grains, the Chicken Panang Curry Bowl from Primal Kitchen offers 16g of protein per bowl. Ready in minutes, this no-dairy curry bowl is sure to be the envy of the break room.

Love Italian food, but hate delivery?
Paleo Friendly, Whole30 Approved, and made without dairy, gluten, or grains, the Chicken Pesto Bowl from Primal Kitchen uses cage-free*, dark meat chicken and a take on our co-founder Morgan Zanotti’s very own pesto. With 18g of protein, and 5g of net carbs per bowl, this bowl redefines readymade!

Can’t resist a comfort classic?
Inspired by a beloved recipe from founder Mark Sisson’s daughter, Devyn, this Paleo Friendly, Whole30 Approved, Beef and Mushroom Bowl from Primal Kitchen uses grass-fed, pasture-raised beef† that’s raised without added hormones and antibiotics. It has 24g of protein per bowl, and is made without beans, dairy, gluten, or grains.

Need a quick dinner for two?
Ideal for late nights, the Chicken Fried Riced Cauliflower Skillet is Whole30 Approved, Paleo Friendly, and made without gluten, grains, soy, dairy, or canola oil. With high-quality ingredients like cage-free dark meat chicken*, cage-free eggs**, and veggies tossed in cauliflower rice, this flavorful skillet just needs avocado oil and a piping hot pan to sizzle to satisfaction in mere minutes, with 20g of protein and 17g of net carbs per serving.

Tired of take out, but craving the flavor?
Cut down cooking time with a Primal Skillet for two. Simply add avocado oil to make a No-Soy Chicken Teriyaki Skillet that serves 20g of protein in a single serving. Forget what you know about frozen with ingredients like cage-free, organic dark meat chicken*, snap peas, broccoli, carrots, and soy-free teriyaki sauce.

Need a Southwestern-style steak fix?
Fire up the skillet and bring the heat with Steak Fajitas! Add avocado oil and start sizzling, then bundle this batch into a gluten- or grain-free tortilla, or serve over rice. Made with grass-fed beef and veggies, this Paleo-Friendly, Whole30-Approved skillet is big enough to share, with 18g of protein,12g of net carbs, and uncompromisingly delicious flavor to boot.

**Eggs from chickens never confined to cages.

Frozen Bowls and Skillets Cooking and Serving Tips

Make these bowls and skillets your own with these easy tips and tricks to getting the most out of the Primal Kitchen Frozen line.

  1. Turn Up the Heat! The secret to prepping frozen veg? High heat! Try a cast iron skillet, which retains heat, and preheat the pan on the stove on medium-high to high heat with avocado oil for a sizzling skillet! It’s the same deal with the oven: Preheat to 450ºF for optimal results.
  2. Give ‘em Some Space. When you’re heating up the skillets, don’t overcrowd the wok, skillet, or pan. The ingredients should be evenly spread out while they cook for the best texture.
  3. Put a Lid on It. Place the lid on the skillet when cooking (except when you need to stir, of course) to trap the heat and moisture inside the pan. You’ll be rewarded with more even cooking and tender meat.
  4. Less Is More. When using a microwave or oven, follow the cooking directions on the box to avoid overcooking the ingredients in the bowl.
  5. Switch it Up. Our skillets are just a starting point for your culinary creativity. Enjoy as is, or add extra spices; swap Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil; or add fresh herbs. Try the Steak Fajitas in cabbage cups, or put the No-Soy Teriyaki Chicken on top of rice.

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