Support the SousVide Supreme Touch+ Kickstarter Campaign!

February 23, 2017 0 Comments

Support the SousVide Supreme Touch+ Kickstarter Campaign!

“If you are a foodie, you’ll know that sous vide cooking is one of the best ways to prepare great-tasting healthy meals. My good friends (and yours, I’m sure) Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades having been working to perfect the art, ease and economy of home Sous Vide cooking for almost a decade. They are about to unveil their latest, greatest home Sous Vide version and it’s a beauty. They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to offer the first units to interested foodies at significant discounts to MSRP as well as offering enticing upgrade packages. Have a look!”  – Mark Sisson 

Dr. Michael and Dr. Mary Dan Eades, leaders in the paleo movement, have dedicated themselves to improving the ease, economy, and flavorful results of Sous Vide home cooking. Today marks the last week to join their amazing Kickstarter campaign, which offers the first units to campaign backers at significant discounts to MSRP.

Taking the original SousVide Supreme to a new level, the SousVide Supreme Touch+ is one of the most highly anticipated kitchen appliances to date.

Support the SousVide Supreme Touch+ Kickstarter Campaign, and get your very own SousVide Supreme Touch+ for up to 47% off MSRP!


Sous vide literally means “under vacuum” in French. This amazing cooking technique was first developed in France in the 1970’s by Chef Georges Paulus, who found that he could use precise temperature control rather than great skill and perfect timing to achieve chef-worthy results.

In the sous vide system, food is vacuum-sealed and immersed in a precisely heated water bath, allowing it to cook evenly. Cooking with the sous vide technique develops deep flavors and textures that no other cooking method can duplicate.

1. Season foods with your favorite herbs or spices. 
2. Vacuum seal food in a food-grade cooking pouch.
3. Drop the sealed packages into the SousVide Supreme. Set the water oven and walk away!*

*The precise temperature control of the sous vide home cooking machine gently brings the food to its ideal doneness, and cooks it perfectly from edge to edge.



 1. A see-through lid

This way you can check on your meal without losing any heat!

2. A cool touch double wall insulation

The Touch+ retains the energy efficient, cool-touch double-wall insulation of the original, so the water stays hot, but the machine stays cool to the touch. Once at temperature, the Touch+ uses only about the energy of a 20W light bulb.

3. A water resistant touch screen

4. Integrated wifi

You can control your Touch+ from anywhere with the newly integrated wifi. You can start and set your machine right from your phone and have it ready to go by the time you get home!

5. Programmable recipes

You’ll be able to program your new Touch+ with recipes you find on social media, and upload pictures of your finished dish to all your favorite social platforms!

6. Alexa compatibility

All you have to do is tell Alexa to turn it on!


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