Announcing the New Primal Endurance Course!

July 11, 2017 0 Comments

Announcing the New Primal Endurance Course!

Are you an endurance athlete looking to up your game? It’s time to check out Primal Blueprint’s brand new mastery course, Primal Endurance.

In response to high customer demand, we’ve created an entire program focused on helping you to become a healthier, happier, and stronger athlete!

The Inspiration

Ex-endurance athlete, Mark Sisson, found his way out of chronic cardio and carbohydrate dependence. He wrote the book Primal Endurance to help those invested in their health to avoid the problems that he sees so many endurance athletes facing: overtraining, stagnation, and burnout.

With Mark’s help, we turned his incredibly powerful and influential book into a full step-by-step course that provides a simple, intuitive, and enjoyable approach to training. Want to race faster with less effort? Want to be empowered to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle? Want to lose body fat for good? This course is for you.

The Primal Endurance Course Includes:

  • 120 instructional videos covering every chapter of Primal Endurance book in detail.
  • Feature interviews with dozens of the world’s leading endurance experts (world champion athletes, top coaches, scientists, and authors).
  • 7 full-length eBooks.
  • A writeable 90-Day Journal.
  • The unabridged Primal Endurance audio book.
  • Audio educational programming.
  • A private Facebook group for community support.
  • Ongoing expert support via email.
  • A lifetime access to your multimedia portal.

In addition, while already the most comprehensive multimedia course on endurance training available, Primal Endurance will be continually expanded, updated, and enriched throughout your lifetime membership. This means that you will always have access to new information and insights.

Program cost: 

Regularly priced at $547, the course is yours for a limited time at $347.

Why should you join the Primal Endurance program?

This convenient online course (accessible on all platforms, including handheld) gives you all the tools you need to transform your endurance experience from “struggle and suffer”, to “train well and succeed”.  Get ready to train your metabolism to become fat adapted, find your optimal balance between stress and rest, and execute focused workouts with intention for the best results. In short: get ready to race faster and stronger than you ever have before.

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